Frequently Asked Questions

































































































































































































































































How long do they spend outside? Do they play with other dogs?
































































































































































































































































If your dog is social they are put out for up to 3 hours with a small group of other-like minded friends!
































































































































If your dog is not social, they will still get playtime in a separate yard with a staff member.
































































































































































































































































What do you feed? How often do you feed
































































































































We supply the Stockman & Paddock dry kibble in either an AM & PM feed or once daily depending on your preference.  Wet food is offered for older picky dogs or by request. We also feed Coprice Puppy dry kibble soaked in water for our Puppy guests. You are of course welcome to bring your own food, portioned into meals, although there is an $8 charge for this add on. Fresh water is available at all times.
































































































































































































































































Difference between Luxury and Standard Boarding?
































































































































































































































































The standard boarding areas are weatherproofed and contain heated kennels, although they are still outside. We provide plenty of bedding and you are welcome to bring a jacket for them as well. Group play is up to 3 hours per day. The luxury boarding is strictly for social dogs and is indoors, fully climate controlled, along with heated kennels and a TV for comfort. Luxury bookings over 2 nights will receive a complimentary bath before departure as well as a complimentary photo update during the stay. Daycare is also included from 8-5pm each weekday.
































































































































































































































































Can I take a Tour of the facilities before I book in?
































































































































































































































































Due to the construction surrounding the facilities we are not currently conducting tours. We understand it is important to see where your pets will be housed, and would be more than happy to email photos of the appropriate boarding and play areas that you may be interested in. Please send us an email at with the breed of dog or the style of lodging you would prefer ie Standard or Luxury.
































































































































































































































































Can my Dog join Daycare whilst they are in Boarding?
































































































































































































































































Unfortunately, we only accept dogs who have been deemed suitable for daycare via a separate trial. Your dog will still be able to play in a group of boarding dogs for up to 3 hours each day.























































































































































































































































 How do you charge? 

 We charge by per day, not per night. You are charged for the day of check-in, regardless of time. The days will show on the invoice as units. We offer a complimentary day of check out/departure if before 11am (Excluding Sundays). An afternoon collection incurs that day charge.


Small Breeds (Jack Russell Terrier, Cavoodle, Maltese) – $40 Per day | $44 per day

Medium Breeds (Kelpie, Cattle Dog, Border collie etc) – $44 per day | $48 per day

Large Breed (German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Rottweiler etc) – $49 per day | $53 per day

Extra Large Breed (Great Dane, Mastiff, Bernese Mountain Dog) – $52 per day | $56 per day

*BOO Breeds – $68 per day | $110 per day

*BOO or ‘Board on own’ breeds refers to dogs that may or cannot board or play with other dogs or where specifically requested by the owner to board or play on own. If your dog is deemed a BOO booking after check in Tara Estate reserves the right to change the reservation to reflect this.

Luxury Boarding – $98 per day | $125 per day

Second Dog Luxury Boarding – $78 per day | $110 per day
































































































































































































































































What do I need to bring? Can I bring my dogs toy or blanket?
































































































































































































































































All we require at check-in is your dog (with their collar and nametag), vaccination records and payment. We swap over to our leads and remove any harnesses.
































































We do not accept personal belongings. We can accept items during winter such as beds and Jackets under the agreement that they may become damaged or lost. We provide all bedding and toys necessary.






























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Can I check-in/drop off outside your normal business hours?
































































































































































































































































Out of hours check-in/pick up may be available at the Managers discretion and will incur an out of hours charge of $80.
































































































































































































































































The office is open for check-ins and check-outs Monday to Saturday from 8-11am and 3-5:30pm and Sundays afternoons only from 2-5pm. We are closed public holidays.
































































































What happens if my dog is not eating?
































































































































































































































































It is not uncommon for some pets to go off their food temporarily as they settle into the boarding environment. If they are still refusing food for 2-3 days we will contact you to discuss the best option to entice them to eat. We are able to try a number of different treats such as BBQ chicken, chicken/deer mince, canned wet food and cheese.
































































































































































































































































Do you offer discounts for long stays?
































































































































For stays over one month we offer a 10% discount.
































































































































































































































































What Vaccinations do you require?
































































































































































































































































All dogs must be vaccinated with a C5 Vaccination (distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, para-influenza and Bordetella). All Cats must be Vaccinated with an F3 Vaccination (Panleukopaenia, Feline Rhinotracheitis Virus and Feline Calicivirus).
































































































































































































































































Proof of vaccination will be requested on check-in. Alternatively, a copy of the certificate can be emailed through. Entry will be refused if vaccinations are not current or shown when prompted. 
































































































































































































































































My Plans have changed, How does this affect my booking?
































































































































































































































































We understand that sometimes plans may change. You are able to change the dates of your booking at no cost, subject to availability. We require 24 hour notice. All bookings for change of plans or early check-out are non-refundable; however we are happy to hold your payment in credit for future use.