Frequently Asked Questions


What is daycare?

Doggy daycare is similarly run to a child daycare, in the morning on the way to work you drop your pup off for a fun filled day and collect them in the afternoon. Their day consists of running around and making new friends all day and depending on which yard they are in there are many obstacles and fun activities involved including swimming.


How much is daycare?

Single dog prices
$50 for 1 day
$450 for 10 days/ $45 per day (must be used within 10 weeks)

Multi dog prices
$90 for one day (2 dogs)

Half day
$30 – up to 4 hours


Can I stay and watch?

Unfortunately, we do not allow people to stay and watch as it can be quite a disturbance to the groups, and we find dogs often act differently with their owners around. We like the handover to be as stress free for your dog and want them to feel comfortable, sometimes by hanging around stresses them out more and is harder for them to watch you leave.

During the day we have stories up on our Instagram and Facebook for you to watch throughout the day to see what your pup gets up to.


What times are drop off and pick up?

Drop off 8:00am-11:00am

7:30 drop off by prior arrangement – $15

Collection 3:00pm – 5.30pm

6:00 pm pick up by prior arrangement – $15


Are there different groups or do they all go in one group?

We have many different yards that we arrange the dogs into, most dogs are grouped up based on size, temperament, and age.

How many dogs per person ratio?

15-20 dogs per person


What is the vaccination and desexing requirements?

We require a full C5 vaccination for your dog to attend daycare, A C5 vaccination covers those in a C3 vaccination plus additional cover for Bordetella and Canine parainfluenza virus.

We do not accept un-desexed dogs over the age of one year old. If your dog comes to us as a puppy it is essential that they get desexed before they reach 12 months to continue doing daycare.


Is there an age limit?

We take dogs after their 3rd and final vaccinations as puppies (this is usually around 16 weeks)


Do you offer tours for daycare?

Unfortunately not but if you want to check out what our daycare dogs get up to during the week then have a look on our social media stories which is solely devoted to daycare and the activities they undertake during the day!


What do I need to bring?

If you have already supplied your vaccinations, we only require you and your pup, nothing more!


Can I bring treats/lunch for my dog?

We can feed lunches for puppies, but we usually try to discourage it as we find they are often too distracted or too excited to eat.

Do you still operate when it is raining, where do the dogs go?

We still go ahead for daycare in all weather; we do have areas in each yard that is undercover however we find most dogs are not bothered by the rain and will not stay under cover. If you do not feel comfortable with your dogs staying out in the rain, we are super flexible and happy to rearrange swapping your regular day.