Full payment is required at time of drop off outside of peak times


If your dog is at home alone too often, needs socialisation and exercise or you need to spend the day away then Tara Country Estate doggy day care offers a fun and professional, activity filled experience. Supervised by qualified staff in our unparalleled farm surroundings, including massive landscaped dam, with interactive toys & equipment your doggo will have the best day ever!

We will book an initial, meet and greet full day for your dog to determine their temperament and individual needs. Once carefully evaluated, dogs are placed in a group according to temperament and a staff member is in attendance at all times to enrich your dog’s experience with us. Please visit our Instagram or Facebook pages to see just what they get up to in their day. Please contact us to book their trial day on 02 6247 5227.

Drop off  8 am

7:30 drop off by prior arrangement 

Collection 4:00pm – 5.30pm

6:00 pm pick up by prior arrangement

Single dog prices
$50 for 1 day
$450 for 10 days/ $45 per day (must be used within 10 weeks)

Multi dog prices
$90 for one day (2 dogs)

Half day
$30 – up to 4 hours

Daily schedule includes:


Group play + socialisation

Farm & dam play + exercise

Chill time with play toys & ball time



We take great care to ensure your dog is placed in the most appropriate accommodation area taking into account their size, age, temperament and breed. We want all of our guests to feel right at home!

​Our dog pens are spacious with the sleeping area enclosed and the outside area open but protected from the sun and rain. Each has a large, comfy trampoline bed with a heated sleeping pad underneath. In winter there is in-slab heating and in summer our pens are shaded. We also have a number of extra large rooms that can accommodate same family members, large breeds or those who need more space to move around.

We provide two meals per day of a high protein formula providing highly digestible nutrition for your dog, which suits most breeds. If your dog is a fussy eater or has special dietary requirements we are happy to serve their own food. Please ensure meals are pre-packaged in individual bags or charges will apply.

​After a daily health check and breakfast, all of our guests will enjoy group play of up to 1 hour,

​Out of peak periods, you may wish to supply your own labelled bedding, blanket or special toy.

Fees per day

 The day of check-out is complimentary if before 11am

 Standard boarding

 Small dog – $35

Medium dog – $38
Large dog – $41
Extra large dog- $44

Board on own dog – $59 

Peak – public and school holidays

Small dog – $39
Medium dog – $42
Large dog – $45
Extra large dog- $48

What’s included

  • Meals served twice daily per day of premium dry food
  • 1 group monitored playtime of 1 hour
  • Accommodation in own lodging with raised trampoline bed and in-slab heated sleeping area in winter
  • Wellness checks and continuous monitoring of your pets throughout the day
  • Daily housekeeping services with strict veterinarian grade cleaning protocols and clutter free environment
  • Love & attention always!


Stay and Play package 

If boarding mid-week why not include a full day of daycare farm fun in their overnight boarding. Your dog must be well socialised for this package.

$69 – $76 per day

Board & Swim

$55 day 

Christmas 2020

$59.00 per day

 Discounts are available for extended stays. Contact us directly for prices.

 Optional extras

 On lead 30 minute Estate walk – $20 first dog, $15 second dog

  • Additional group playtime – $20 for 1 hour
  • Mental enrichment games with Kong toy – $5 per experience
  • Ice block treat, summer – 100% pure frozen stock – $3
  • Pigs ear – $5
  • Medication – From $3 per administration
  • Special diet food & preparation – $3 per meal
  • Photo Update Package – up to 2 photos – $5.00
  • Wash, blowout and brush – $35 to $55 size and breed dependent
  • Cat play time or brush out – $13

A surcharge of $4/day applies in peak periods & public holidays.


Tara luxury boarding offers a more up market experience for your pooch.

Our suites feature comfortable trampoline bed and a cosy day bed for rest time. All rooms have a flat screen TV, ducted heating and air conditioners in summer.

Our guests have their own play area to chill and mooch around in with other like-minded guests and get to chill out by the fire place in winter. Access to our full range day-care activities during the week is a highlight of their day. This boarding option is for social dogs only.

Fees per day

The day of check-out is complimentary if before 11am

Non- Peak                 Peak
First dog $85           $89
Second dog $65     $69  

What’s included

  • Indoor pens
  • Lux bedding
  • Heating / Air conditioning
  • Own sheltered play area with artificial turf
  • All day daycare play – mid week
  • Farm play / swim weekends
  • 2 daily meals
  • 1 daily on lead walk
  • 2 photo updates per week during your pet’s stay
  • Bath on departure


We have two styles of cattery boarding ranging from the indoor/outdoor pens with a veranda over looking the garden to the larger more open pens. Each cat has a cubby to snuggle up in which is placed on a heating pad in winter, a chair and a climbing pole.

We feed premium high protein, dry kibble and wet food in a variety of flavours.

​Cats also receive loving attention and extra time from staff if they like and are in need of cuddles. Some cats prefer to hide away and are quite happy on their own. We keep a daily health check on their habits and movements and well-being each day. We have many happy campers boarding for weeks and months at a time.

Fees per day

The day of check-out is complimentary if before 11 am

Standard Room inside cattery (with outdoor area) $31 per day, 2nd cat $29

Large Room outside cattery (more open space, one large area) $31.00 2nd Cat $29.00

 A surcharge of $4/day applies in peak periods & public holidays.

​What’s included

  • 2 meals per day of our high protein wet and dry food
  • Accommodation in a large room with outdoor access
  • Cuddles!

Optional extras

  • Medication – From $3 per administration
  • Special diet food & preparation – $5 per day
  • One on one interactive play time or brush out – $13 for 15 minutes

We use a variety of interactive toys depending on your cat’s personality. This is a great option for the emotional and physical health of your cat, particularly if they are boarding with us for a long stay. You may wish to supply your own labelled bedding, food or special toy.


 Take your dog home looking and smelling lovely after their stay by including a wash prior to departure.


Includes wash, blow dry, brush out and ear cleaning
$40 to $75 depending on breed



Need to travel at a separate time to your pet? Don’t stress, we can arrange to have your pet flown from anywhere in Australia and or will collect them from Canberra Airport at any time of the day or night. As prices vary depending on flight origin and time of collection, please contact our team on 6247 5227 to arrange details and for individual pricing.


Day care Puppy Class Training

Call 62475227 to put your name on our list for puppy class training beginning 7 September. For puppies 18 – 30 weeks old. Details to follow.

Or our Intro to Basic Obedience Training. For dogs 6 months and older. 

Board and Train Programs

Our board and train programs are designed with your dogs’ requirements in mind. We will work on a range of behaviours and skills. Whilst each course has set goals it can be tailored to suit your dogs’ individual learning abilities and needs.

Board and Train programs are not a one stop shop we cannot “fix” behavioural issues. They are designed to begin the process under the guidance of our trainers. At the end of the program you will be given a hand over with a plan to continue your dogs training at home. Your dog will also receive a complimentary wash and blow dry before departure for programs over 10 days and a 1 hour handover session.

Board and Train programs are note suitable for those who cannot continue the dogs’ training and development after the course is completed.

These programs are not suited for those having behavioural issues specific to your home environment and are only designed to begin behavioural modification. There is no magic cure or quick fix in behavioural modification.

We may recommend your dog is booked for an assessment appointment to determine if our programs are suited.

Our board and train programs are only available in non- peak times.

Most Recommended – 3 week program- Cleaning up basic obedience or starting the basics $1550.00

  • Loose Leash Walking
  • Learning to heel on lead
  • Sit & drop in place
  • On leash recall
  • Marker cues
  • Release cues
  • Manners & relaxation
  • Distraction training

1 Week program – $660.00

Great for tiding up known commands and behaviours or as a refresher course. We work on their basic obedience and walking nicely on leash. Refreshing good behaviour if required.

Individual tailored programs

For those dogs requiring special attention focusing on aggression towards people or dogs, food or toy possession.

Please contact our team on 6247 5227 for further details or to make a booking.


Delayed opening due to COVID

Once things resume to normal and our front reception area renovations are complete we will be adding a special retail outlet where you can purchase a unique, stylish range of pet related products including bedding, collars and leads, jackets, books, food & water bowls.