We have a variety of cattery boarding pens ranging from smaller short stay pens and inside/outside pens with a veranda over looking the garden, to larger long term pens where the cats can roam around. Each cat has a cubby to snuggle up in which is placed on a heating pad in winter, a lounge chair and a climbing pole.

We feed premium high protein, dry kibble in a variety of flavours, or high protein, meat based wet food.

​Cats also receive loving attention and extra time from staff if they are in need of extra attention and cuddles. Some cats prefer to hide away and are quite happy on their own. That’s OK but we keep a daily check on their habits and movements, health and well being each day. We have many happy campers boarding for weeks and months at a time.

We take great care to ensure your dog is placed in the most appropriate accommodation area taking into account their size, age, temperament and breed. We want all of our guests to feel right at home!


 Our dog pens are spacious with the sleeping area enclosed and the outside area open but protected from the sun and rain. Each has a large, comfy trampoline bed with a heated sleeping pad underneath. In winter there is slab heating and in summer our pens are shaded. We also have a number of extra large rooms that can accommodate same family members, large breeds or those who need more space to move around.

We provide two meals per day of a premium dry, high protein grain free formula providing highly digestible nutrition for your dog, which suits most breeds. If your dog is a fussy eater or has special dietary requirements we are happy to serve their own food.

​After a daily health check and breakfast, all of our guests will enjoy group play, or one-on-one time with our dedicated staff if group play isn’t their thing. Our accommodation also offers large grassy play areas attached to their sleeping quarters.

​You may wish to supply your own labelled bedding, food or special toy.


Small dog – $30
Medium dog – $31
Large dog – $33
Extra large dog- $35

Discounts are available for extended stays. Contact us directly for prices.


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